Ripple Urn

Ripple Urn

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The Ripple Urn Fountain is a large classic urn shape with an intricate rippled edged surface that uses natural water tension to cause the cascading water to hug the sides of the urn all the way to the bottom. There is quite an art to the way this water feature is designed to stop the cascading water from simply dropping vertically from its widest part. In addition, the Ripple Urn has a hidden water reservoir that prevents leaves and dirt from polluting the pond.  

The Ripple Urn Fountain's reservoir comes with a smooth surface and the whole fountain is available in a number of different old metallic and old stone colours that provide a traditional and appealing aged appearance.

Medium (cm):
110L x 110W x 137H

Large (cm): 
110L x 110W x 172H

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