Zen Fountain

Zen Fountain

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The Zen Fountain is available in two sizes and is designed for smaller spaces where texture and interesting water flow are more important than size. The Zen is round with a cleverly designed rippled edged top portion and a smooth surfaced bottom section. The water cascades down the face of the top section which is covered in small grooves to create a rippling effect before disappearing through a small self enclosed slit in the side of the fountain. In addition, the Zen's hidden water reservoir prevents leaves and dirt from polluting the pond.  

The Zen Fountain is available in a number of different old metallic and old stone colours that provide a traditional and appealing aged appearance.

Production Dimensions:

Small: H82 x W52 x D52cm 

Large: H133 x W52 x D53cm


Small: 40kg

Large: 50kg

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